Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Services API
Author Milan Babuskov
Jim Starkey wrote:
> I'm not sure we want to go through the pain and suffering of hammering
> out utility APIs that we can live with in perpetuity, so I suggest that
> the APIs beconsidered ad hoc and subject to change without notice.

I have a question. Why isn't service API completely removed and replaced with
extensions to SQL? Have a

BACKUP DATABASE TO 'filename.gbk' ...

RESTORE DATABASE '/dbases/mydb.fdb' FROM 'filename.gbk';

CREATE USER 'name' PASS 'pwd';


It would be much easier for users to use it. All the functionality could be
moved to server, and not require that interfaces to services API are rewritten
in every language that supports Firebird (PHP, Python, ...etc.)

Milan Babuskov