Subject Re: Services API
Author Roman Rokytskyy

Can you go more into details?

a) Is ServicesAPI part of the Firebird API that server implements or not?

b) Are you going to change the API itself by introducing new calls?

So far I do not see any problem with the current solution as far as
application programmer is concerned:

- if server is accessed over TCP, there is an API (part of wire
protocol), both JayBird and .Net provider have native implementation
of this part;

- (my guess) same API exists when IPC is used;

- embedded part calls the entry points in the embedded engine, this is
also an API.

So, do I understand it correctly, that the discussion is about
internal implementation of the gbak, gsec & co. utilities, whether the
implementation should use that API or some internal tricks?

If this is so, isn't it something that should be solved during Vulcan
development or merge?

And if this is so, why nobody cared to implement the separate client
libraries for TCP and IPC calls that do only what they have to do -
send data over the communication channel to the server, basically do
what JayBird and .Net provider already do?