Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Supported transaction isolation levels?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Nando,

> TS> - The term "REPEATABLE READ" isn't used in any isolation level related
> TS> documents with Firebird/InterBase I've found
> Now I see your point. Well it *is* mentioned in some slides I use at
> classes but I guess they don't count much. :-)
> TS> - Helen's book says (p. 523): "Mapping to the standard governance of
> TS> REPEATABLE READ and SERIALIZABLE is not possible."
> Repeatable read = isc_tpb_concurrency
> Serializable ~= isc_tpb_consistency
> TS> So, where is the difference between SNAPSHOT and REPEATABLE READ. ;-)
> I don't recognise the term "snapshot" in this context. Is it IBO
> terminology?

AFAIK, yes. When double-clicking a TIB_Transaction component, the
following isolation level are chooseable:

Concurrency (Repeatable Read)
Consistency (Table Locking)
Committed (Read Committed)

The "Repeatable Read" term pops-up again here. ;-)