Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: GUID Key Fields
Author Kevin Berry
--- Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@...> > Doesn't need to be 2 *
128 bits values, since a
> single 128 bit value �
> enough to assure a unique identifier for every
> computer for at least
> 2030,

AFAICR, it's even further down the line than that. I
think it is more like the 23rd century when it would
run out. Although it may even be more than that... I
just remember thinking that it was so far in the
future that it wouldn't matter for any conceivable

> even if each of this computers are generating
> thousands of Id's
> per second.

> 256 bits is a very very big key, the indices will
> suffer this choice.

Agreed. 256 bits is unnecessary. 128 will do.


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