Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] GUID Key Fields
Author Kevin Berry
--- Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:
> When you scrape through the layers of the argument,
> it makes a great
> deal more sense to address the actual issues,
> cluster unique
> identifiers, than to support a workaround for the
> absense, GUIDs.

True- cluster unique identifiers is the real issue.
UUIDs are an easy way to ensure this though. Of
course I'd like to avoid some kind of "setup" required
for each system (i.e. some kind of seed or "cluster
code" etc.) You can support unique cluster IDs by
simply having a different range of numbers for each
isolated database instance but that doesn't make them
as easy to administer. UUIDs are a fairly good
"workaround" though.

Anyway, your point is well taken. UNIQUE CLUSTER IDs
is the real issue. If there are more important things
to address with Firebird then they should be addressed
before adding a native 128-bit UUID type. Thanks for
everyone's involvement... I'll try to leave this
thread alone from now... :-)


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