Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] GUID Key Fields
Author Ann W. Harrison
Kevin Berry wrote:
> AFAICR, DEC invented UUIDs. Microsoft came up with
> the name GUID I believe...

What I have gathered from this discussion is that there are several
versions of a 128 bit identifier, that some are designed carefully so
they can't ever collide - one having a MAC address in a certain location
in the bit vector, another setting bits in the same location to zero
which can not be zero in MAC addresses, for example. Does anyone have a
significant degree of confidence that no two generated 128 bit strings
will ever collide if different ID generators are used on different
systems? If not, I'd suggest that the technology is not yet mature and
add it to the list of things (like Linux installation standards) that
just aren't worth tracking in a project that has a limited number of
workers who are mostly volunteer.