Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Backup
Author Artur Anjos
For scripts operation, one Good Thing will be gbak to return numeric
codes, that could be easily parsed by the script.
99% of backup operations are done in automatic procedures, and this
could save an admin a lot of trouble.
What we have now is gbak ending with status 0 or 1.

This is a feature that a developer can live without it. For commom
practices, when you develop an aplication using Fb you just need to
provide a way for the end user to backup the database. But if the end
user has a SysAdmin, he/she would like to automatize it in with some
easy way, instead of parsing a full range of string messages.

[ I wonder if this is so simple as changing printf( '%s' ); to a printf
( 'Error %d - %s' ); :-))) ]

( Please, Claudio, remove that smile from your face! )