Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Backup
Author Daniel Achermann
Fabricio Araujo wrote:

>In various subjects on support lists, always arise the problem
>of GBAK backups' "restorability". It's wide known that you have
>to restore the backup to certify yourself that the same is usable.
>But in terms of reliability is not a thing, at all. Some one have
>ideas to make GBAK backups' have 100% "restorability"?
I don't have an idea how to make it more reliable but I have a wish how
to make it easier to detect a problem:

gbak gives a nice protocoll about what it is doing or better what it has
done. If there is an error stopping the process of restoring then you
see in the protocoll only the last step before the error occurred and
not the step which caused the error.
So it would be helpfull if the current restore task could be protocolled
before it's done and not afterwards.

Daniel Achermann