Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Data Streaming -- New Message Format
Author Jacqui Caren
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> But if nobody has practical experience in ASN.1, I think we have to
> forget about it anyway.

If anyone here has done any OSI (lower layer) work then you have
probably hit ASN.1 BER... I spent 4 years working on the OSI stack
- part of which was hand decoding BER. Not exactly fun.

Given the purported security holes in its design (I do not have
the appropriate cert handy, but it was brought up once more
sometime late last year) I would suggest avoiding taking ASN.1
on as a "total solution".

If you intend to rewrite the wheel though you should be able to
take working code from an open source application such as
ISODE - if it still exists.

I have to say that I find it amusing that the team are proposing
to re-invent a 15+yr old wheel :-)

my *perzsonal* opinion is that protocl visibility can be more
important that performance. An example is SIP vs H.323.
SIP is taking off because it is light and easy to debug protocol
exchanges (and it sits on the back of existing simple transports)
H323 is elegant but a PITB to get working in a complex network
without some (expensive) tools.

Technical elegance is well and good but "supportability" should be
included in the design - and for that I would love to see an as
close to human readable first level encoding. And yes I consider
BER human readable - just :-)