Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Recompiling Firebird as a .net assembly
Author Lester Caine
Daniel Rail wrote:

>>The CLI C++ I were not aware. But my argument reamains the
>>same - the .Net working certainly will make much difficult the
>>porting. Since it's rules are completely different on the part of
>>memory allocation - a hot issue on FB-Devel these times (see memory
>>pool thread) - geez you'ld have a lot of work.... ;-)
> I totally agree. The day Windows become .Net only(do read close to 20
> years from now), my guess would be that Firebird would have been
> migrated to that platform, if it is the only option for Windows.

And I'm sure by then, people will still be using cygwin, and still
providing non-microsoft backwards compatibility. As I understand things,
the reason Borland ARE going to support C++ on Delphi is because
Microsoft ARE back peddling on dropping it and ARE NOT as 'gun hoe'
about forcing a switch to C# ;)
Perhaps people power does work when is the new version of IE due now :)

Lester Caine
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