Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Writing UTF-16 to the database
Author Olivier Mascia
Le 25-févr.-05, à 06:05, Dimitry Sibiryakov a écrit :

> AFAIK all characters in these languages fit to UCS-2. (Otherwise
> Windows wouldn't be able to work with them. Windows Unicode is
> exactly UCS-2.)

Dimitry, with all due respect, you would need to re-read some of the
latest Microsoft documentation.
See all what relates to Code-Page 54936 (GB18030 simplified chinese -
only supported on Windows XP), it uses 4 bytes.
Their 'wide' char 16 bits representation is not enough to englobe all
of Unicode including GB18030.
And per government rules in China you can not anymore sell a product
there (hard or soft) that does not support GB18030.
Remember that Chinese is the world's most spoken language, too.
I'm not fluent in Chinese, not even English (I'm french speaking
native) but there are more people speaking Chinese on our good old
earth than people speaking or writing english.

Olivier Mascia