Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Batch/Block operations
Author Jim Starkey
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:

>I have some clients with "on-the-road" salesman, or remote offices that
>uses MS Terminal Services today, because it's the only way I could make
>a remote (internet) conection be as usable as a local conection.
It sounds like your application is retrieving a great deal more data
than is being presented to the user. If this is the case, the answer
may be in restructuring the application to given the database engine a
large part of the court. A trivial example is a counting records. If
you application count them, a million records is a million messages
whether compressed or not compressed, blocked, or no blocked. If you
let the engine do, it's one record. If there's aggregation to do done,
let the engine do it.


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