Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] transient data sets and procedures
Author Ann W. Harrison
Fabricio Araujo wrote:
>>...To follow the logic of
>>your example, you'd need to declare variables: name, date_born, and
>>salary_incr. You'd also need to create a transient data set using a
>>statement like:
>> "select 'abc', 1, 1, from rdb$database yielding export_trans".
> Hmmm.... It seems more like a trick...
> If it's declared on a procedure, it's instantiated after begin
> (empty).

Ah, if declaring a transient data set automatically created it for you,
a procedure couldn't using one that had been created elsewhere.
> See, I can live with it, but it's a strange thing to do...

Or maybe we change the rules and say that if a procedure that includes a
transient data set declaration is invoked and the data set doesn't
exist, the procedure should create it... But that's a bit beyond where
I wanted to stretch the procedure code.

> Behave like a table but works like a table variable. Could
> we throw
> "EXECUTE STATEMENT" against it? If it could, it'll be music to my
> ears!!

I would expect so - since EXECUTE STATEMENT is handled at runtime, it
should work with transient definitions more easily than normal procedure