Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] OT :: Re: are posistive posts (on dev) noticed?
Author Paulo Gaspar
Yes Helen, my bad.

I already detected it and apologised to you moderators in a previous post.

I thought I was not moderated in and not that I was moderated out.

Anyway, my misunderstandin had to do with the way the devel list accepts
posts (subscribers only)
the text of the email the SF server sended to me (something about
awaiting moderation) and an
email alias with the wrong name.

I already fixed everything and my posts are already on devel.

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the mess.

Best Regards,
Paulo Gaspar

Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 09:56 PM 17/02/2005 +0100, you wrote:
>>With all respect Helen,
>>It is disappointing that while I already got (rightly) reprehended twice
>>for my rude post here on FB-Architect, and even warned I would be moded
>> one seems to have noticed and moded IN a couple of posts (on
>>Memory Pools and C++ techniques) I made on FB-devel which, I believe,
>>have some technical merith.
>You haven't been modded out of fb-devel AT ALL. However, if you post to a
>SF list using an email identity different to the one under which you are
>subscribed to that list, the post will wait for modding until someone has
>time to do it.
>If you want your posts to lists to appear quickly, you should subscribe to
>that list.
>Also understand the difference between the Architect list (which is a Yahoo
>group) and Devel (which is a SF list).
>-- On the Yahoo lists, we have the ability to moderate the first posting
>from a newly subscribed user and to change that user's posting privileges
>to unmodded. After that, the user can post without restriction. We never
>see messages from users who are not subscribed to the list.
>-- On the SF lists, non-subscribers can post, but they are always
>moderated. Subscribers' posts are never moderated. There is no tool to
>change a subscriber's status in the moderation interface.