Subject OT: The Pokrov Cathedral [was: Re: Error Reporting in New API]
Author Alexander Klenin
> There's an horror history about Czar Ivan, named "the terrible" with enough
> reason:
> - He called his favorite architects and asked them if they could build a new
> cathedral, more beautiful than the city's cathedral. (Probably the city was
> Saint Petersburg.)
It was actually the Pokrov Cathedral (aka the Temple of Basil the
Blessed), which is situated on the Red Square in Moscow. The city of
St. Petersburg was founded more than 150 years later.
And, according to the legend, the czar have asked those same
architects who have just finished the cathedral: "Could you build even
better one?" -- so this story, while undoubtly very educational, does
not quite mirror the present situation on the list :-)