Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Error Reporting in New API
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Jim Starkey wrote:
> I'm reasonably satisfied with the client supplier error handler
> mechanism. It's simple, thread safe, extensible, language
> independent, efficient, and meshes well with languages that support
> exceptions. I don't want to stop debate, but I think we have a
> solution.

I don't understand the context.
What was the original purpose of the post? To inform the list members that a
decision had been taken? To cause technical discussion? In the second case,
how could it happen if the original proposer came here with the idea cooked
and set in stone? Who would waste time arguing in favor of or against it?
Apparently Dmitry Sibiryakov bit the bait and lost his time.

There's an horror history about Czar Ivan, named "the terrible" with enough
- He called his favorite architects and asked them if they could build a new
cathedral, more beautiful than the city's cathedral. (Probably the city was
Saint Petersburg.)
- How could those people afford not to satisfy his almighty emperor? They
said that they certainly could execute his wishes.
- Then the benevolent Czar enacted those people be blinded immediately, to
negate any possibility they could build a better cathedral. Ivan wanted the
current church to be the best, the unmatched beauty and didn't want anyone
to challenge that desire. He couldn't afford hurting his ego by watching a
more gorgeous church.

Did those poor servants have any possibility to escape their ill fate? What
if they say they can't build a better cathedral? Probably they would have
been decapitated for not honoring his monarch's wishes.

The moral of the history is that you're out of luck when someone has made a
decision and decided it's too brilliant to be changed afterwards. The fate
is already set. Worse if that person has enough power to not care about
opposition. Worse even if that decision affects you. The lesson is that it's
hard to argue with the emperor, in fact with whoever that claims such
privileged position at any point in time.

Dmitry's lucky: he can exit the thread somewhat burned but not blinded,
decapitated or gelded.