Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Error Reporting in New API
Author Paulo Gaspar
Hi Paul,

Well, while Jim often acts as an arrogant turd, the fact is that Dimitry
was not doing any better.

If you read back, Dimitry also acted condescending to and diverted the
technical issue at stake to a game of words arround API. Let's remember
his little perl of prose (marked with a single ">"):

>> Also, you've apparently forgotten that the API is not intended for
>> application program use -- again, it could, but needn't --
> Jim, Jim, Jim, didn't I warned you about using right words? Re-read
> your statement. Application Programming Interface (AKA API) that is
> not intended for application use?!? It is the best joke I've read
> last year.

I am sure that Dimitry knew exactly what Jim meant and that he knows
there are multiple layers and there are internal APIs and external APIs,
and so on... so I have to conclude that his answer os out of topic,
provocative and that I find his post even more destructive than
Jim's.... which is hardly a compliment to any one these two.

This way, I think that while both Jim and Dimitry are two of the most
brilliant posters on this list...
...they are also TWO arrogant and annoying turds.

I sure hope they get better. It would be amazingly great if they spent
more time ADDING strengths instead of wasting them annoying each other
and us, like two spoilled little brats disputing the dominance of the

Paulo Gaspar

Paul Beach wrote:

><<1. Dimitry, I don't think you are nearly as dumb as you pretend to
>2. Dimitry, I may have gotten it wrong. Maybe you really are as
thick as
>you seem to be.>>
>Plus a lot of other condescending stuff.
>Jim - this is not acceptable, nor should anybody else be doing this.
>If people can't discuss techbnical issues without resorting to
personal attacks,
>then perhaps they should find something better to do with their time.