Subject Re: Full Text Search
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> > We had a discussion on this topic approx.
> >one year ago and concluded that Google-like scoring has no use in
> >RDBMSes (at least that' my opinion from that discussion) since
> >information has completely different nature.
> >
> >
> >
> Roman, much of my last year at DEC was consumed with trying to
> convince DEC that blobs should be part of the DEC Standard
> Relational Interface (DSRI). The arguments against blobs were:
> ...
> My conclusion was that I was trapped in a branch of the Flat Earth
> Society, and that the earliest possible escape was necessary.
> Hence, Interbase.
> Why does this seem like an echo of that reasoning?

Are you still talking about Google-like scoring? If I remember
correctly, you also was arguing that Google scoring algorithm has no
place in RDBMS, since we cannot define a "number of references
metric". Or more correctly, we can, but the foreign key relationship
is completely different from the hyperlinks in the web.

Or did I miss something?