Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Global Temporary Tables
Author Paulo Gaspar
Jim Starkey wrote:

>Fabricio Araujo wrote:
>>If I understand correctly all this stuff about blobs and how they work
>>under the surface in the usual way, why don't do this: If the record
>>get copied to a temp table and in the record have a blob field
>>which have a blob pointer (or id or dbkey or what the hell you call it)
>>to the page the little monster is stored, what just copying the
>>pointer to the blob and forget that story of copying many MB from
>>here to there (as blobs don't have a defined limit in theory)?
>The show stopper among the many reasons is that the source blob may be
>garbage collected while the temporary table is holding a pointer to it.

There seems to be something wrong about that picture.

Shouldn't the blob ony be garbage collected AFTER or when the temporary
table that refers to it is garabage collected to?

Paulo Gaspar