Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] FB2, read-commited and blobs
Author Dmitry Yemanov
"Vlad Horsun" <hvlad@...> wrote:
> In light of upcoming Fb2 beta1 i want to raise again the question about
garbage collection,
> blobs and read-commited transactions.
> Ann did an excellent review of problem (in thread 'Blocking garbage
collection, read committed')
> and she even made a brief plan of what needs to do to solve it.
> So i want to ask - whether we going to implement this functionality in FB2
(there are strong
> needs in it, i believe) ? If yes - who will be responsible for this task ?
I feel i can do it (with little
> help from Ann, if she would be so kind) but may be someone already did
something in this
> direction ?

Unfortunately, nobody seems practically interested while we get closer and
closer to the final release. I doubt we can afford to make all the required
changes at this stage. But we could implement the borlandish solution now
(as the patch is trivial) and defer the complete blobs aware implementation
to the next version. Does this sound reasonable?