Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Suggestion about variable declaration
Author Jim Starkey
Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>"Jim Starkey" wrote:
>>That said, the current language is a Pascal derivative,
>I guess it is SQL derivative in the firest place, it does not resemble Pascal any more than C:
>Yes, it has Pascal's begin/end, but it also has
>C-style comments,
>C-style IF (with mandatory parenthesis),
>C-style assignement statement,
>it uses semicolon in C-manner as statement terminator, not as statement separator in Pascal
You make some interesting points. Indeed, in general, statements are
terminated, not separated, with semi-colons. The BEGIN / END block
itself is an exception. Another pecularity is the mandatory THEN in an
IF statement. I suspect they tried to make it Pascal like, but didn't
know enough Pascal to pull it off.

Straightening out the syntax isn't on my list of things to worry about,
so I will defer to anyone ambitious enough to try fix the language (in
an upwards compatible mannner, of course).


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