Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Create of RDB$USERS
Author Jim Starkey
Alex Peshkov wrote:

>I don't see any serious reason to have special domain for user's name in
>RDB$USERS. What's your mind?
Here are my thoughts:

1. RDB$USERS (existing system table) is a fixed length, not variable
string. I regret making the system table strings padded rather
than variable length, but the Rdb/VMS guys insisted that COBOL
didn't have decent handling of variable length strings. I should
have changed it when I started Interbase. I don't like padded
strings at all.
2. RDB$USERS is not a core table and probably shouldn't rely on a
domain outside its scope.
3. The old USERS table defined the field as varchar(128). I don't
have any idea of why. All the old authentication code is gone
from Vulcan, so there isn't any danger, but I still don't
understand the reason for making it 128 characters.
4. We must extend the size of identifiers from 31 to 128. We might
as well start now.

Let's leave the RDB$USER_NAME referencing the domain RDB$USER_NAME
defined as varchar(128) and get on with life.