Subject Re: Java Stored Procedures
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> The interface has been in the ODBC driver for what? Five years?
> It's been in Vulcan for almost two years. It's been fully described
> on the architecture list any number of times. As best I can
> remember, you're the only person who has expressed issues with it.

Since I'm the only person having issues with it (but do you remember
remember Claudio's post in firebird-admin?), I can simply wait until
the core team declares it a public interface.

> Please don't do that. It's the wrong way to do it. There are better
> alternatives available.

Well, we have chosen the approach, it works. And it will be possible
to make it work with IscDbc API. The layer to convert IscDbc into
ISC-like API would be tiny, we can concentrate on other issues (like
dynamic deployment, class loading, etc) and replace the layer later.