Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Java Stored Procedures
Author Vlad Horsun
> > > If Firebird would understand the X'<hex values>' syntax, any tool
> > > could execute such a script.

Agreed, this is a good and needed feature

> > True, but what's the point in it? Being able to dump database contents
> > into the text file and recreate it on the other server? What's wrong
> > with the backup then?
> Recreating a single table?
> Moving from another database system that DOES support the SQL
> standard on this one?
> Just export an "insert script" to add to another table?
> All sorts of uses, actually.

And more and more and more...

> > > If the Firebird client would understand a "FROM FILE" part, it would
> > > be able to load a file from the client and send it to the server as
> > > a blob? stream ...
> >
> > This does not belong to the client library. It is not the job of the
> > client library to interpret SQL being passed. Either application
> > before actually passing it to the server or database engine itself.
> I could go along with that ... but, debatable, since there's currently
> no decent way of importing files/blobs without the hex values syntax :-)

Show stopper here is our limit in 64K on single SQL statement text
length and input\output message length. And this is can't be changed
without an corresponding API change