Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Java Stored Procedures
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Except that external classes could be not yours, while
> > classes used by your database application and stored
> > procedures could be inside your database, which means
> > all stored application code can be inside your database.
> This is the same distinction as between UDFs and stored functions. I
> do not know, maybe it is worth implementing saying that "beware - any
> external dependency is your problem"...
> > > Yup, and get 3MB text file for a 1 MB jar... which depends on
> > > other
> >
> > So?
> What's the point of such scripts if it is similar to the backups?

There's a difference between generating the script and being
ABLE to insert BLOB values like this. The latter is missing,
but it would allow you to insert a JAR.

> > Given that there's still NO way to insert/update binaries in a
> > script, I'd say it's about time this gets implemented.
> There is no way to execute script on the server on the first place.
> So, any script is executed by some tool - Database Workbench (?),
> IBExpert, isql, IBObjects, etc. - and you just have to add a command
> CREATE JAVA LIBRARY ... FROM FILE ... to that tool and load data from
> file directly. Or INSERT INTO ... VALUES (..., file://..., ...) for
> BLOB support. Those tools already have internal parsers, such feature
> means only more advanced parser on their side.

If Firebird would understand the X'<hex values>' syntax, any tool
could execute such a script.

If the Firebird client would understand a "FROM FILE" part, it would
be able to load a file from the client and send it to the server as a blob?
stream ...

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