Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Java Stored Procedures
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Having the source code stored is a "plus" in my book.
> >
> > I'll opt for "invalid objects" again, like in Oracle. I like that.
> > It's also easier with regard to dependencies.
> Yup, but that would require to support "invalid objects" throughout
> the Firebird. Not an option for now.

Thought so ;-)

> > > Questionable, since the compiled class often relies on the
> > > external libraries, which are located on the file system.
> >
> > Which can be "xcopied" as well.
> Then you have no problems when classes are not stored on the file
> system too - they can be "xcopied" too.

Except that external classes could be not yours, while
classes used by your database application and stored
procedures could be inside your database, which means
all stored application code can be inside your database.

> > Implement the SQL standard for blob values then...
> >
> > X' < hex values > '
> Yup, and get 3MB text file for a 1 MB jar... which depends on other


> jars. Sorry, but I do not support such ideas.

Given that there's still NO way to insert/update binaries in a script,
I'd say it's about time this gets implemented.

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