Subject Re: Java Stored Procedures
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Having the source code stored is a "plus" in my book.
> I'll opt for "invalid objects" again, like in Oracle. I like that.
> It's also easier with regard to dependencies.

Yup, but that would require to support "invalid objects" throughout
the Firebird. Not an option for now.

> > Questionable, since the compiled class often relies on the
> > external libraries, which are located on the file system.
> Which can be "xcopied" as well.

Then you have no problems when classes are not stored on the file
system too - they can be "xcopied" too.

> Implement the SQL standard for blob values then...
> X' < hex values > '

Yup, and get 3MB text file for a 1 MB jar... which depends on other
jars. Sorry, but I do not support such ideas.