Subject Re: Things to consider?
Author tomconlon7777777
Hello there Milan,

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> tomconlon7777777 wrote:
> >>>4. Views where you don't have to specify return datatypes.
> >>
> >>Please provide an example.
> >
> > Competitors can surmise output datatypes directly from select
> > statements. It is a nice to have.

> Are you talking about UNIONs here? If not, please give example. I
> haven't had any trouble tracking the datatype from select statement.
> Which components you use for access?

This is an example taken from one of our MSSQL databases:

CREATE VIEW dbo.vProjectQAAction AS
SELECT QATestAction.TestDate, QATestAction.Outcome,
Project.ProjectID, Project.ProjectName, Project.ShortName,
FROM QATestAction
INNER JOIN ModuleAction ON QATestAction.ActionID=ModuleAction.ActionID
INNER JOIN Project ON QATestAction.ProjectID=Project.ProjectID