Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Things to consider?
Author Jim Starkey
tomconlon7777777 wrote:

>2. The ludicrous situation of having to create 'shadow' columns +
>BI/BU triggers in order to provide case-insensitive searches.
Declaring fields where case is insignificant with a case insensitive
collation should do the trick. It is isn't necessary to desirable to
declare a whole database as case insensitive.

>Can we pleeeeaaaase have this option at database creation time also?
Unlikely. Maybe a default collation, but declaring a whole database one
way or the other strikes me as overkill.

>3. Domains *used throughout entire system* would be great.
Could you elaborate?

>5. The ability to turn off the 'bitmapping' of multiple indexes.
You've given us a prospective solution but left the problem unstated.
Give us the problem. Maybe there's a better solution.


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