Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Global Temporary Tables
Author Vlad Horsun
> > If blob stored initially in one page space and assigned to relation from
> >another page space then we must copy blob into another page space and
> >release pages from first page space. Proposed bpb extension allow user
> >to avoid such copying - if user already know that blob will be assigned to
> >temporary table then he can point engine to allocate blob in temporary page
> >space at creation time.
> >
> >
> Yes, it would be nice if an application program were to declare that a
> blob is to go into temporary space, but given that the whole idea of
> temporary tables is that they are transparent to the application layer
> and tools, requiring applications and tools to take special actions just
> isn't going to fly.

No, this is not required to set bpb. This bpb extension useful for that
application which needed it. All other can run unchanged.

> How are you going to do when somebody tries to
> assign the wrong type of blob, throw an error?

No, i'll just copy blob into appropriate page space when it materialized.

> The most common case is that data containing blobs will be copied from
> permanent tables into a temporary table. In this case, you have no
> choice but to copy the blob.


> So that leaves the far fetched case that
> somebody does inserts containing blobs into temporary tables that we're
> quibbling about. Can you come up with a scenario where somebody would
> ever do that? If not, why even worry about it -- copy the blob and get
> one with life.

Application which imports some info (documents in different forms) into GTT
then parse temporary blobs (on the server side) and store it in persistent
in another (normalized) format ? This is just example, not a real application ;)