Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] XSQLDA/XSQLVAR issues
Author Dmitry Yemanov
"Jim Starkey" <jas@...> wrote:
> Suppose you used an alias without ambiguity in a query. Then you
> dropped that query into another as a subquery where the parent select
> had a table in the from clause that conflicted with the alias.

I'd better understand you with some SQL example provided ;-)
Also, could you please provide an example for your "precedence over an earlier context" wording? I feel some misunderstanding from my side here.

After more thinking, it seems I don't want any preference/precedence logic. Any ambiguity should be detected and reported. Subquery column aliases are not visible in parent contexts, so no problem here. If "earlier context" means the same scope level, then IMO column aliases shouldn't be prefered in any order. But I may be missing something obvious.