Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Encryption for embedded server
Author Leyne, Sean

> > Why require a plug-in for the default functionality which should be
> > defined in the engine?
> Because one might want simple XORing as a relatively secure and
> performant solution, some other would require symmentric encryption,
> and others would only by PKI encryption.

I understand, but I was referring to the *default* engine functionality
-- which is no encryption.

The approaches you describe are fine, I support them completely, but
would be the functionality added by the plug-in(s).

As Jim described it, a plug-in would be required for base functionality
-- that's just wrong. A Plug-in should only be required if you want to
change/enhance the built-in/inherent engine functionality/security.
They should not be required to define the 'base' install.

To install an engine I should not need to provide any plug-in, that
should be an option, not a requirement.