Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Encryption for embedded server
Author Leyne, Sean

> But your point about encryption is well taken. My ideas of how
> plugin should work is that can be chained, and get a crack at file
> opens, page reads, and page writes as well as authentication requests.

Why do you want to relate user authentication issues with file
encryption? They seem to be "apples and oranges".

Or are you using "security plugin" as a term under which you are
grouping families of functions/hooks which can be handed off to external

> This would let us roll the physical database I/O into a default
> "security plugin".

Why require a plug-in for the default functionality which should be
defined in the engine?

Shouldn't the plug-ins only register for functions/hooks which they want
to 'intercept'? Much like a callback can be registered and then
called/invoked as required but if none are define nothing is called.