Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Create User Proposal
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: "Jim Starkey"
> I propose that we add the following commands to Firebird SQL beginning
> with 2.0 (if possible):
> create user <username> [set] password <quoted string>
> alter user <username> [[set] password <quoted string>]
> drop user <username>

Some people want to store login informations directly into db
instead of on server. Is such possibility still considered ?
If yes, both mehtods (on server/in db) would probably have to coexist.
In that case, *where* would new user be created using these sql commands ?

> I also propose an extension to the API to perform similar functions.
> The call is:
> ISC_STATUS ISC_EXPORT fb_update_account_info (ISC_STATUS* userStatus,
> isc_db_handle *dbHandle,
> USHORT apbLength,
> UCHAR *apb);

Again, is isc_db_handle handle of user database or security database ?
(I guess user db, since security db will probably be dropped in the future).
Will the concrete "users storage" be specified in apb ?