Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Incremental Backups
Author Olivier Mascia
Bonjour Jim,

Le lundi 13 septembre 2004 à 17:34:45, vous écriviez :

> And, no, NBak doesn't address incremental backup. As far as I know
> (which may be wrong), it doesn't address this problem at all.

I'm not a fan of NBackup concepts at all. Proud supporter of clone
copy here though missed time to master the existing code base and
build on the shadowing code to get it working the way I'd like.

<sidenote>As a side note, let's agree that cloning does not
necessarily mean build a new clone DB on disk. The cloning process
could pipe the pages to any other sub-process / driver / destination.
Cloning to tape is not impossible. It just need a specific 'restore'
tool to rebuild the db from the sequential stream of pages. That gives
the usefull paradigm of backup image representing the state at
backup-end time, while allowing to actually backup to some sequential
device. I have another DB engine here working that way on 50 GB and
larger DBs.</sidenote>

Though as best I can remember some discussions I read carefully (at
that time) on the devel list, NBackup would support incremental
backup. Or was it some differential backup ? I remember of some backup
version tag on pages. I might be wrong. Hopefully Nicholay will be
back on line soon to comment by publishing full documentation.

Olivier Mascia