Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] FB 2.0 Road Map
Author Jim Starkey
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:

>Hi !
>I have read th FB 2.0 RoadMap, and wish to ask for a feature request.
>I have discussed this on firebird-support some time ago.
>What I think could be implemented in FB is a UPDATED function that will
>run insed triggers, this function will be used to test if a column was
>In triggers I use to do this
>If (
> (Old.Quantity <> New.Quantity) or
> ((Old.Quantity is null) and (New.Quantity is not null)) or
> ((Old.Quantity is not null) and (New.Quantity is null))
> ) then
>This will be changed by
>if Updated(ColumnA) then
>in delete or insert triggers UPDATED always return true, and in update
>triggers should work as above.
A more general solution would be a comparison operator that returned
true if the two operands were equivalent -- either equal in value or
both missing. This would avoid a special case in a trigger while making
a useful construct available in all contexts. I'd be surprised if some
other database systems didn't already have such an operator; if so, we
should consider their choice of operator. If I were a less cynical
person, I'd suggest "==".


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