Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Firebird and Open Source
Author Arno Brinkman

> I have recent become aware that the closed Firebird-admin list has
> become an architectural forum. I, for one, think this is a very bad way
> to run an open source project. Decent architecture, whether close or
> open source, requires full, open, critical discussion by project
> participants.

In that case i would miss a lot of information and i don't hope this is the

> Software architecture is the art of making the pieces fit together. It
> can't be done in secret. People who have expertise in particular
> corners need to see the big picture to ensure that their piece fits with
> the others and to raise a flag when it doesn't.

I agree, but you can have pre-discussion private before opening a final
(proposal/) discussion in the architecture list.

> The strength of DEC's engineering was an institutional recognization
> that management and architectural skills were antithetical. Few people
> had both skills, and those that did couldn't do a decent job with either
> when trying to do both. Architecture is democratic. Administration is
> autocratic.
> Borland let managers do architecture. The design of Borland's failed
> undo log was dictated by the Interbase engineering manager. When told
> that the design didn't work, he ordered engineers to make it work. Even
> an inspired manager can't force a fundamentally unsound design to fly.
> Nor can the self-annointed few that make up the Firebird admin list.
> This project has an unfortunate history of people thinking that
> technical decisions can and should be made in private, then announced to
> world as a fait accompli. All designs should be discussed and
> criticisms answered before implementation. Designs that can't stand the
> light of day should not be candidates for inclusion in the product.
> I have no objection to the admin list being closed for posting, but I
> object strenuously to a tiny number of individuals presuming to make
> architectural decisions in secret that are presumably binding on the
> rest of the project.

May be you are a little bit to early. New groups are currently formed AFAIK.

Arno Brinkman

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