Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature request...
Author Jim Starkey
Jonathan Neve wrote:

>Any ideas about this?
>>So here it is. Why not create a sort of "undo-after-commit" feature,
>>whereby old versions of a record could be kept indefinitely, and if
>>necessary, restored of viewed?
>>What might be good would be some sort of trace file, in
>>which, all obselete record versions are dumped, as and when they become
>>obselete. Then, there could be a simple API (or perhaps an SQL
>>extention) that could be used for loading old record versions back into
>>the DB, and also for purging out old versions periodically...
This has come up about a dozen times over the years, often in the
context of rolling back to an earlier revision of a CAD project.
Everytime we've look at it in depth, we've come to the same conclusion,
which is that the application semantics need to be a great deal richer
than can be provided by a low level hack and vary signficantly from
application to application.


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