Subject Re: rdb$db_key in either XSQLDA or XSQLVAR
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> AFAIK, DSQL requests the record version but it does nothing with it
> that I can remember and it doesn't pass it to the client.
> Do you want it returned in some unused XSQLDA field?

Yes, rdb$db_key, and version if needed. This would work only for a
single table selects though. Nickolay has better idea: to add new
isc_dsql_prepare with some flag, and if this flag set, return all
available rdb$db_key values in appropriate XSQLVAR fields at the end
of XSQLVAR block. This would work also for joins.

> Internally,
> impure->vlu_misc.vlu_long = rpb->rpb_transaction_nr;
> that means the recod version will be taken from the txn id.

I hope that Nickolay can explain the problem here.