Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] A New Era
Author Jim Starkey
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

>Marius Popa wrote:
>>Who is Dorothy :) ?
>Maybe a friend of Virginia. Virginia is referenced in a comment in the
>source code, in jrd/vio.cpp.
>I couldn't find a clause that allowed me to reference my female friends in
>the code. I have three candidates: Alicia, Ruth and Georgia. Is this
>documented in the OSRI manual?
Dorothy was a character from the book and movie "Wizard of Oz." Dorothy
was an innocent young programmer who got caught up in an open source
flame storm. When the dust settled, she and her little dog,,
found that mother nature had dropped an unabridged copy of the OSRI
standard on the wicket programmer of the east, crushing him like a bug.
Dorothy looted his corpse for the magic Ruby Debugger. The of the story
revolves around Dorothy's encounters with the three rounds of the Ada
design competition, a daliance with hard drugs, and finally meeting up
with a great architect who turned out to be a fraud. Dorothy has an
epiphany, realizes that she had the secret to the path home, the Ruby
Debugger, all along. Fade to black.

Virginia, the little girl concerned about the existence of Santa Claus,
was also very concerned about whether Jim's Relational Database was
ever, and months and months of coding, was ever going to return data.
VIO_data is the proof of pudding. Virginian was reassumed, and is now
an intellectual property lawyer speciallizing in sueing 13 year olds for
music copyright violations.


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