Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Architecture -- Why you should care
Author Leyne, Sean

> The question at hand in Firebird is handles. To quote from the "OSRI
> Reference Manual" published 28 March 1991 by the Interbase Software
> Corporation, page 9:
> "The call interface is: ... Handle-based. OSRI objects that use
> handles are database attachments, transaction, compiled requests,
> and active blobs. These objects are formally created and
> and are represented by handles during the course of their active
> state. No object is global, and all state information resides in
> these objects.
> Note [with double boxed border] A handle is an uninterpreted
> quantity. Programmers should not make any assumptions about what
> is.

Can you provide a link to this document? (I've already tried to find it
on the IBP site)

In all my years of following with Interbase and Firebird lists (support
and Devel), I don't recall this document being mentioned before.

So I'm not aware that this document has been publicly available (willing
to be shown).