Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Good open source database feature comparison?
Author Marius Popa
--- Tiberiu Atudorei <tiberiu.atudorei@...>
> Quoting Jim Starkey <jas@...>:
> > Cooking benchmarks doesn't impress anyone. And
> nobody selects a
> > database on performance unless it's a weirdo
> application with unusually
> > requirements. Being a slug doesn't do you any
> good, but presenting a
> > benchmark with the consistency of overdone pot
> roast doesn't do your
> > credibility any good, either.
> OK, forget about benchmarks. If you don't like the
> trick to use my
> cheap 200 MB RAM-disk then consider the big-iron
> solution of SAN: a
> multi-gigabyte storage solution with a 2 Gigabyte/s
> bandwidth (now you
> get it for a price between 10k to 20k USD, depending
> on vendor).
> The problem remains: if you can forget about "HDD
> slow - memory fast" and
> you move to another level (where the speed of memory
> and the speed of storage
> are on the same order of magnitude, be it in a RAM
> disk or SAN) what changes
> can be done (either in code or in database
> configuration) in order to get
> a performance boost?
> Right now my development system at home has 1GB RAM.
> For a production system
> it is not unusual to have 2 GB or even 4 GB. For a
> small database (500MB-1GB)
> would you consider using it in a RAM-disk?
> Tiberiu
You could try the ram disk method (and clock it how
fast it is)

ps: got 1G of ram and want to increase it (1.5G-3G)
nforce2 (dual channel)

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