Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] YUM install for Firebird
Author Erik LaBianca
> Yes, Bob, we would love to have you prepare a YUM install for
> You
> understand, of course, that the "enthusiastically easy" nature of YUM
> installs depends completely on how well the installation package is
> prepared, not in the inherent nature of YUM itself.
> We have lots of other volunteer Linux users who are ready to test your
> install package. Just let us know when it's ready!
Doug, I've created a yum-friendly firebird install. You can point yum @
baseurl= and it will work. I've not
updated it to RC8 yet, nor is it entirely "production quality", but it
works fine on my rh9 and fedora machines. It tries to fit in with
redhat, installing into /usr, /var/firebird, /etc/firebird etc, so the
documentation will be out of sync with the installed file locations.

I'd be happy to have your feedback.