Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] YUM install for Firebird
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 2/3/2004 07:31 PM (Tuesday), Bob Byron wrote:

>I was wondering if the Firebird team has considered creating a YUM or
>apt install? I am finding it enthusiastically easy to install on Linux
>YUM. As more and more businesses make the transition to Linux, it
>could be a big boost to have it on there. It is atleast one more reason
>to choose Firebird over a database that is not available there.
>,, and other sites are supporting this technology
>and I hope it might interest the Firebird team. (I posted this over in the
>FB Users forum a few days back but I think that was the wrong audience
>and I can't post to the FB-devel list.)

Yes, Bob, we would love to have you prepare a YUM install for Firebird. You
understand, of course, that the "enthusiastically easy" nature of YUM
installs depends completely on how well the installation package is
prepared, not in the inherent nature of YUM itself.

We have lots of other volunteer Linux users who are ready to test your
install package. Just let us know when it's ready!

The above is my feeble attempt at humor. But seriously, do you get my point?