Subject Re: Firebird and XML
Author bruce_bacheller
So Lester it's the private companies that are putting the 'tax" on XML
data exchange because they have in some way enhanced it ?
Are they doing any value added services like transformation or
mapping or are they just gouging for some xml bits ?

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> Helen Borrie wrote:
> > At 06:18 PM 22/12/2004 +0000, Lester Caine wrote:
> >
> >>You even have to PAY to use postcodes over here. So much
> >>for the FREE exchange of information via XML :)
> >
> > Someone has to pay for all those keystrokes, Lester!!
> In theory I already have by way of taxes ;)
> A lot of this stuff is 'crown property', which means that it has
> been paid for, and should be accessible if the 'crown' requires us to
> use it. But what is happening of cause is that 'private companies' are
> 'enhancing' the information and then charging for maintaining it,
> than it being an 'open-source' resource. So we have to pay again (tax
> wise) to use what we have already paid for in the first place.
> IF XML data exchange is going to work, there should not be a 'tax' on
> providing the information. Otherwise there should be a tag for how much
> the packet has cost :)
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