Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Indexed Views
Author Dmitry Yemanov
"Jim Starkey" <jas@...> wrote:
> >Since Java can process input and output params (e.g. EXEC PROC)
> >it can process INSERT ... RETURNING as well. There's no difference here.
> Not really. Updates are performed with java.sql.PreparedStatement. A
> program can set values in PreparedStatement, but fetching values is done
> through java.sql.ResultSet. The procedure execution mechanism uses a
> refinement of PreparedStatement, java.sql.CallableStatement, which does
> have provision to return a ResultSet.

So what? Now Roman can return one row resultset for EXEC PROC, right? The
same will happen for RETURNING. It's just must be described properly to
distinguish it from a generic INSERT.