Subject Re: Indexed Views
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> >Since Java can process input and output params (e.g. EXEC PROC)
> >correctly,it can process INSERT ... RETURNING as well. There's no
> >difference here.
> >
> >
> Not really. Updates are performed with java.sql.PreparedStatement.
> A program can set values in PreparedStatement, but fetching values
> is done through java.sql.ResultSet. The procedure execution
> mechanism uses a refinement of PreparedStatement,
> java.sql.CallableStatement, which does have provision to return a
> ResultSet.

As I wrote in the previous email, you have getGeneratedKeys() that
returns ResultSet and can be used for that purposes. My idea was to
use RETURNING only for the columns that where generated either with
defaults or with gen_id(), or some other UDF. But probably that does
not correspond the samantics of the method, so, maybe, you're right,
there's no method in PreparedStatement for this.

Anyway, JDBC specification has enough holes, and one more does not
change the picture.