Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Legacy Behavior
Author Jim Starkey
Helen Borrie wrote:

>>I don't particularly care about this case, but it raises a question
>>worth discussing, which is what legacy behaviors should be preserved?
>One example is this (commonly recommended to BDE users in those bad old
>days, is probably still being recommended in some form with generic
>interfaces like ADO and JDBC and is still rife in legacy code):
>It is used indiscriminately AC/DC.
In this case, we don't have to make a choice. If we implement by modest
proposal (version 2), nothing will break. The only folks inconvenienced
would be those who made a dual-citizenship procedure and want to run it
unchanged, in both modes, from a Java program using JDBC. And, not
incidentally, it doesn't work now. I don't know, but the intersection
of the folks who were aggressive, sophisticated BDE users who morphed
into cutting edge Java users is probably quite small. Small enough to
buy each a Ferrari from Mr. Beaches slush fund (which, in fact, can be
measured in nano-Ferraris).

So, all in all, I think we're talking more theory than practice here.
In theory, there's no difference. In practice, well, er -- lets talk

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