Subject Auto-increment/-generated fields and getting values back
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I took a different approach in Netfrastructure and added an API to
> Netfrastructure to handle the problem:
> ...
> This has proven a great deal easier use within an application than
> trying to recover a sequence value generated by trigger.

Yes, but that's completely different thing. The original talk was
about adding some kind of an autoincrement field that would
automatically fetch its value from generator. In this case you need an
API to get the generated code back.

What you propose is to fetch the ID first on the client, and then use
it in INSERT. Perfect solution, but it will not help those that are
too used to autoincrement fields and getGeneratedKeys() in JDBC.

I do not ask to add this feature (even it would be nice addition to
JayBird JDBC support), but tried to explain the next step that is needed.