Subject Re: Indexed Views
Author donjules2k
True but tools such as these aren't always available depending on
where you are working. It would be nice to have it in the DB and it
would make sql scripts shorter and easier to read.


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> Hello,
> > Oh of course generators are supperior, i don't argue that. What I'm
> > suggesting is usability. Allowing someone to create a column with the
> > key word "IDENTITY" or "PRIMARYKEY" or anything else and the database
> > will do the automatic plumbing of creating the generator and trigger.
> > Hence saving time but still leaving you the option of doing it
> > manually should you wish.
> Remember there's a limit of available generators. Luckily, this limit
> has been increased.
> Why not get yourself a decent developer tool that does such a thing
> with a mouseclick?
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